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Psychic Readings / Past Life Regressions / Workshops

Lynne uses a combination of skills when doing a psychic reading. She looks at your specific energy patterns, may connect with deceased loved ones, and always connects with her own Guides and Angels. Lynne is also a qualified Past Life Regression Therapist.

Shamanic and Energy Healings

During a Healing session Lynne will channel her Guides and beautiful Angelic Beings, connects with Reiki and EDINA Energy Medicine and may incorporate the Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Australian Bush Flower Essences, White Light Essences or Crystals. Or she will take you on a wonderful Shamanic Journey.

House Clearings / Spirit Removal

Your home and work environment can hold negative energies that will effect the health and well being of all those who enter the space. People can also be targeted by negative energies or entities.  All these energies can be removed and replaced with higher vibrational frequencies.

What People Are Saying

Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved the Reiki course today! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and knowledge, the warmth and love of your home, and of course your beautiful company!  Looking forward to the level 2!

Di McMath

Resilience Coach, Platinum Potential

Lynne – Wow!!!! I won a reading with you, and OMG, you are simply amazing. How you can connect with me like that via email is astounding!!!! It is fabulous to hear that my sister is always with me, how you knew about her is incredible.  Absolutely fabulous experience xx


Home Business

Since Lynne has done the House Clearing my home feels lighter and my son has moved back into his bedroom, and he is able to sleep through the night.  We have had no more nasty surprises and feel like our home is ours again – thank you!!!


Nail Technician

By the time I phoned Lynne I was feeling hopeless and unbelieving that anyone could help me with my house. However one of the best decisions I’ve made was trusting Lynne to do what she said she could do! Lynne is the only person I’ve come across who operates with a level of authority and integrity that gets real, concrete results. Through the good work of this amazing woman, I not only have a clear environment to work and live in but I’ve seen enormous shifts in my life overall. By the grace of God she has the ability to do what she says she can. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynne to anyone having serious issues in their home or business as she won’t let you down.


Brisbane QLD


Time of Change

Times of change are upon us right now.  After last weeks lunar eclipse (the longest one of this century) it has, and probably still is bringing up everything that has been hidden deep within the psyche to be released. Because it is such a long eclipse we were able to...

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Sophia and the Spirits

The book Sophia and the Spirits actually came about through the real life experiences of my granddaughter and from the many 'house clearings' and 'paranormal investigations' I have attended.  I have found that a lot of parents just don't know where to turn to when...

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Clairvoyance comes from the French, meaning “clear vision”.  It refers to the ability of a person to gain information about a person, object or location via their inner sight.  This information may come in the form of colours, symbols, objects, other people or...

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Clairsentience is ‘clear feeling’, when a person can sense what another person is feeling.  Also known as ‘empathy’, a person who is clairsentient can experience deep emotions or physical symptoms from another as if it is their own. Clairsentients can also sense...

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Imaginary Friends

This picture probably shows us what most of our kids can see, when we see them talking to their “imaginary friends’.  My friend has a daughter who is 2 years old and who is constantly talking to her “imaginary friends”, playing games with them, sharing food and...

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