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There is so much more around us than what our eyes perceive!

Time of Change

Times of change are upon us right now.  After last weeks lunar eclipse (the longest one of this century) it has, and probably still is bringing up everything that has been hidden deep within the psyche to be released. Because it is such a long eclipse we were able to...

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Sophia and the Spirits

The book Sophia and the Spirits actually came about through the real life experiences of my granddaughter and from the many 'house clearings' and 'paranormal investigations' I have attended.  I have found that a lot of parents just don't know where to turn to when...

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Clairvoyance comes from the French, meaning “clear vision”.  It refers to the ability of a person to gain information about a person, object or location via their inner sight.  This information may come in the form of colours, symbols, objects, other people or...

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Clairsentience is ‘clear feeling’, when a person can sense what another person is feeling.  Also known as ‘empathy’, a person who is clairsentient can experience deep emotions or physical symptoms from another as if it is their own. Clairsentients can also sense...

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Imaginary Friends

This picture probably shows us what most of our kids can see, when we see them talking to their “imaginary friends’.  My friend has a daughter who is 2 years old and who is constantly talking to her “imaginary friends”, playing games with them, sharing food and...

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