Lynne uses a combination of skills when doing a psychic reading. She looks at your specific energy patterns, may connect with deceased loved ones, and always connects with her own Guides and Angels. Lynne is also a qualified Past Life Regression Therapist.


When Lynne does a reading she works very much with the energy that is around you at the present time.  In doing that she can advise of probable future results if you continue on that particular path.  Lynne does not do fortune telling where she will just sit there and tell you what is going to happen in your life, your future is not set in concrete and you do have a say in what happens in your life.  During the reading Lynne will use her Angel Tarot Cards which gives her a base-line of where your energies currently are. Psychometry can be used where Lynne will hold onto some of your jewellery, this helps her to connect with your energies.  She will then ‘tune’ into your energies and advise you of what she is receiving.  Lynne also connects with her guides and angels and is able to bring through information that is aimed at empowering you and assisting you in reaching your highest potential.  You can also ask about other people during a reading and if you like you can bring in a piece of their jewellery or a photo of that person or pet (yes Lynne can also read the energy of animals as well).  Lynne is also qualified as a Medical Intuitive and will scan your aura if requested, this is more common during a healing session but can come up during a reading of you or someone you have inquired about.


Lynne also works as a medium, which means she can connect energetically with your deceased loved ones in spirit. Not only friends and relatives, but your precious pets as well.   This information can come though as feelings or emotions, thoughts, sounds, physical sensations and pictures.  This communication can help to facilitate a healing and assist with the grief and loss that is associated with the physical death of a loved one. Unfortunately Lynne cannot guarantee who will come through in a reading, but generally the person/persons who do, are the ones you really needed to connect with.


Readings can be done in person, phone or via email. For further info please do not hesitate to contact us.

Price for 1 hour – $ 100:00.

Price for 30 mins – $ 60:00.





Psychic Parties

Psychic Parties can also be arranged on request.  A Psychic Party happens when you get a group of people together; family, friends, work colleagues etc, and each of you will receive a half hour reading session.  Lynne will come to your place, and all you will need to provide is a small table and two chairs.  We ask that these be set up away from the rest of the group so to provide privacy and a safe environment, as you never know what information will come through during a reading.  These readings are done in the same manner as one on one readings as discussed above.


Price per person $50.00.

Maximum of 6 per group.