Reiki is a profound healing modality using universal life force energy or Ki. This energy is all around us and is the vital essence of life itself.



Reiki is a profound healing modality using Universal Life Force Energy or Ki. This energy is all around us and is the vital essence of life itself. People and animals are more than physical beings.  We have a dense physical body that is immediately perceptible by sight and touch, but we also have non-visible, non-physical bodies of energy that are comprised of Ki that determine the health and wellness of the physical body.  Healing cannot be physical alone, but must include the vibrational energy bodies.  Where medicine treats only the physical body, healing treats all of the bodies.  Healing, therefore, goes much further than medicine, and is far more complete in its results.  This is especially true for more serious dis-eases.  The source of any physical dis-ease is probably more than physical, and the nonphysical causes must be healed to heal the body of pain and imbalances.  A lot of physical pain has nonphysical roots in emotional trauma, negative mental patterns, or spiritual despair.  To heal the dis-ease, these roots must be discovered and treated.

During a healing session, Reiki energy is channeled through the healer into the client working directly at a soul level, the soul is the subtlest part of our energy system. When we suffer deep trauma, loss, accident or an invasion, it leaves us vulnerable and weakened which in turn attracts more imbalances with less resistance. Disease is caused by a weakening of the energy system, which eventually manifests in the body as pain, discomfort or illness.


Healing occurs on many levels including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. On a physical level Reiki can lessen swelling, bruising, bleeding and blistering. It repairs damaged tissue, scar tissue, tension and trauma in the cells due to surgery, replenishes the flow of communication between the nerve cells, and purifies the body by increasing the elimination of toxins. On an emotional level Reiki can remove past emotional traumas which can be stored in your physical body. On a mental level Reiki can break down old belief systems and negative thought patterns that can attract lower energies into your body.  By releasing these traumas you can move forward with your life without old emotional patterns reoccurring and hindering your progress.


Reiki is totally positive and can never cause harm to any living thing, whatever their condition or status.  Having said that, sometimes after a healing session you may begin to detoxify; some of the symptoms may include cold and flu type symptoms, diarrhoea, increased urination, fatigue, general aches and pains, headache, body odour, skin rashes or excessive perspiration.  This is a release from the body of dis-ease causing toxins, and generally only lasts a few days. Reiki can be used on everyone, no matter how old or young.  The elderly and children respond well to Reiki healings as do pets and plants.  If anyone is sick, in pain, or emotionally or mentally distressed, Reiki can help.  If you or your pet is healthy, Reiki can relax and rejuvenate.  It can balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and balance all the chakras and the energy field.  Reiki also increases the body’s flow of life force Ki.  Reiki can also assist when someone is dying.  Although it cannot prevent a person or animal from passing over it can release any fear or anxiety associated with death and assist them to confidently to accept the situation.

Sometimes medicine is needed, sometimes operations are needed, sometimes the illness will not disappear but healing can still take place to give back to you a quality of life that is empowering rather than dependent.

Price for 1 hour $ 100:00.

Price for 30 mins $ 60:00.