Solfeggio Tuning Forks

Solfeggio Tuning Forks can create positive shifts in the human energy field and can potentially create a life without stress, sickness, or disease, and can promote expanded creativity, holistic health, and pathways to ascension.


Solfeggio frequencies are a set of nine tones that were used centuries ago in Gregorian Chants. The chants contained special tones which were believed to impart great spiritual blessings during religious ceremonies.  These frequencies can now be produced with the solfeggio tuning forks. These frequencies can create positive shifts in the human energy field and each frequency has specific spiritual and physical healing properties and can potentially create a life without stress, illness or disease, as well as promoting expanded creatively, holistic health and pathways to ascension.

The sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks are a set of forks made in the solfeggio frequencies.  Deciphered by Dr. Joseph Puleo using the ancient Pythagorean method of reducing the verse numbers to their single digit integers, the codes revealed a series of six sound frequencies that correspond to the six missing tones of the ancient Solfeggio scale.  The ‘missing three’ frequencies were later added, to complete the set of nine.

Vibration and frequency are everything.  By exposing the mind and body to the Solfeggio frequencies you can achieve a greater sense of balance and healing.  The Solfeggio frequencies align you with the rhythms and tones that form the basis of the universe.

174 Hz      Reduce pain, and increase security and love.

285 Hz      Influence energy fields and restoration.

396 Hz      Liberating guilt and fear, and turning grief into joy.

417 Hz      Undoing situations and facilitating change and support.

528 Hz      Transformation and Miracles  (DNA Repair).

639 Hz      Reconnecting and relationships.

741 Hz      Expressions, solutions and awakening intuition.

852 Hz      Returning to spiritual order.

963 Hz      Awaken to perfect state, communication with the Divine.

By using the 528 Hz it is said that DNA can be repaired; and by using a specific frequency, hereditary weaknesses and strengths can be altered by returning them back to homeostasis or balance.

Can everything be changed by intention and frequency?  “Could it be that everything, including our DNA, can be altered, completely changed,  by the right intentions and frequency?  A tone can change cellular structures and patterns.  The right vibrations can enter a diseased cell and that cell can be completely returned to normal.  All we need to do is sound the right tone. ( David Hulse, D.D. – A Fork in the Road. Pg 30)”.

Now you can experience the Solfeggio Tuning Forks in combination with any other healing modality or, if you choose you may have a sound healing session just using the forks.

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