Shamanic Healing

A Shaman is a person who can interact directly with spirits to address the spiritual aspects of illness and injury. They act as a psychopomp (a guide for lost and earthbound souls to assist them to cross over to the other side). Perform healings, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, extraction and divination.


A Shaman is a person who can interact directly with spirits and beings from other dimensions (both good and evil) to address the spiritual aspects of illness and injury. They act as a psychopomp (a guide for lost and earthbound souls to assist them in crossing over to the other side). They also perform Healings, Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval and Divination.


Soul Retrieval

It is believed that when ever we suffer from an emotional or physical trauma a part of our soul fragments off or leaves the body, like a defence mechanism it can be a way of protecting itself. Any event that causes shock could cause the soul to fragment. This could be emotional or physical abuse, accident, injury, surgery, death of a loved one, divorce, bullying, and abandonment just to name a few. The symptoms of soul loss can vary from dissociation – where a person does not feel fully in their body, feeling incomplete, post traumatic stress, depression, suicidal tendencies, grief or loss. Addiction can also be a cause of soul fragmentation where you are trying to fill up the empty space with food, alcohol, gambling or drugs.

So where do the soul fragments go? Shaman’s believe the fragments can move to the Upper, Lower or Middle Worlds, or the Non Ordinary Reality. The fragmented part of the soul generally does not come back on its own. It may be lost, unaware that the trauma has passed, or can even be stolen by someone else. The Shaman can enter into the alternate realities and find the lost part of the soul, retrieve it with the assistance of spirit guides and power animals and return it back to its original owner.

The benefits of having a soul retrieval are endless, but here are some examples:-

* A sense of feeling whole and complete. * Increased confidence.
* Increased ability to make clear decisions. * Increased capacity to heal.
* Increased ability to deal with grief and loss. * Joy and happiness.

Soul Retrieval Session $100.00

Soul Retrieval Session $100.00


Power Animal

It is believed that everyone has a Power Animal to help us navigate through this life. Your Power Animal may take the form of an animal, bird, reptile, insect or mythical creature, and you may have one, two or many depending on your chosen life path. Power Animals are here to guide and protect us, educate, heal and inspire us, and to be a steady companion throughout life. Power Animals are also thought to increase your own personal power and may protect you from illness or negative energies, preventing them from entering into your physical body. You do not choose a Power Animal, the spirit of that animal will choose you. To discover your Power Animal is as simple as taking a guided journey into the realms of spirit. Once you have reconnected with your Power Animal these protective spirits will guide you through your daily life with a renewed sense of self and empowerment.

Power Animal Retrieval Session $100.00.

Power Animal Retrieval Session $100.00.



Extraction is all about working with misplaced energy. If energy has been misplaced or is incompatible with your body it may cause illness. Misplaced energy can be caused by negative emotions such as anger, resentment or jealously to name a few. These energies can get stuck or stored in various parts of the physical body which can cause pain, disease or emotional difficulties. Or it could be the energy left over after a physical trauma. For example, if you are involved in an accident and break your leg, the energetic injury may remain once the physical counterpart has healed, causing a weakness in that area.

Another form of misplaced energy is caused by intrusive energies and entities. Intrusive energies generally implant themselves into a part of the body whereas an intrusive entity will attach itself within the central nervous system. Intrusive entities are earthbound spirits who have not moved on into the light. There are many reasons why a soul does not move on after the death of their physical body. One reason could be that they do not realise their body is dead. This can happen when one dies suddenly from an accident or illness, suicide, or a drug overdose. They can become lost between this world and the next. Another reason is because the soul feels they have unfinished business, like wanting to complete a project, give a loved one a message, or alert authorities about the person who murdered them. They may be overwhelmed with guilt or fear of punishment for crimes they have committed in this lifetime. Finally, a common reason for one to want to stay is addictive behaviour patterns such as gambling, drug or alcohol abuse, or sexual addictions.

Like the immune system protects the physical body your aura or energy system protects you spiritually. If your energy bodies become weakened it is easier for an entity to enter and take up residence. Weakness in your energy bodies can be caused by a major trauma (either physical or emotional), illness,surgery, grief and loss, continuous negative thoughts and drugs and alcohol. Once an entity has attached itself to you it can become entrapped in the body and is then unable to leave without assistance.

Living with an attached entity is very unhealthy as the entity will drain the energy levels of the body. This can cause illness, mental health issues and a distraction away from your life’s purpose.

These energies and entities can be removed via extraction. A process where you energy is scanned, energies and entities are then identified and extracted with the assistance of guides, power animals and crystals. Once extracted the void is filled with luminous energy to prevent any further invasion.

Extraction Session $100.00

Extraction Session $100.00