Past Life Regression Therapy


Past Life Regression Therapy enables a client to connect with their soul through meditation and deep relaxation techniques.  You are in a dream like state but remain aware at all times.  You may see scenes or different images, or you may sense, feel or just know what is happening.

Why have regression therapy.  Our soul is aware of and stores everything that we have experienced in this life, our past lives and our life between lives state.  Sometimes we experience traumatic events or emotional upheavals that are too difficult to deal with so they get stored into our energy bodies.  Sometimes these past life memories show up in our current life causing a blockage in our energy system, they may resurface as a fear or phobia, depression, anxiety, illness, or pain and may hinder us from moving forward.  Past Life Regression Therapy enables you to access these memories and experiences that are stored in your energy bodies.  You can then gain an understanding of why you have certain fears, react to people a certain way, why you keep choosing the same type of partner, or why you have chronic pain.

During a session you may be guided to a memory in your current life, a past life or even the between lives state.  You are guided to significant events to gain a higher understanding.  Knowledge of experiences in a past life can be a catalyst toward healing.  It can  also provide isights, increased awareness and a deeper understanding of who we really are and why we are here.

You may benefit from a session if you suffer from any of the following conditions:-

Fears and Phobias                 Emotional Issues                   Anxiety

Health issues difficult to treat                Reoccuring Dreams

Self Esteam Issues                 Guilt                        Depression

What happens in a session.  Initaially a client history will be taken to ensure we understand your health and wellbeing issues and what you are hoping to gain from the session.  All sessions are transcribed and a recording is made for you so that you can review it at any time in the future.

Sessions cost $ 170.00 for first 90 minute session, then $ 100.00 for 60 minute sessions thereafter.