Workshops are done in small, intimate groups so you get plenty of one on one interaction. Reiki Healing Workshops include Level I, Level II and Level III (Reiki Master/Teacher), Psychic Development and Spirit Communication workshops:


Lynne runs the following workshops throughout the year.  These workshops are done in small, intimate groups so you get plenty of one on one interaction with Lynne and you are able to ask any questions as they come up throughout the day.

Reiki Healing Workshops include Level I, Level II and Level III (Reiki Master/Teacher), Psychic Development and Spirit Communication workshops:

Reiki Level I – Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy and receiving the Reiki Level I attunement is a major milestone in a persons life; from the time of the attunement ones life is forever changed.  These changes are positive, and the Reiki Principles can help a person through the process of accelerated growth and new beginnings.  Once you have been initiated to Reiki, you become a channel for the universal life energy, and all you have to do is place your hands on yourself or others and the energy flows.  This energy or Ki as it is also known, is all around us and is the vital essence of life itself.  Ki is an electrical type of energy that creates the physical body and determines the state of health, or disease. When Ki leaves the body the physical body dies.  Everything alive contains Ki and radiates it – it is the biomagnetic energy of the aura.  Reiki can be used on anything; from people, plants, and pets, to crystals, cars, and computers.  You name it – the list is endless and everything can benefit from Reiki, including sending it to mother earth .


Reiki Level II – This is the next step in your healing journey and is for those people who want to take the healing to a deeper level.  When you start to work with the Reiki Level II energies you are working beyond the physical plane and the 3rd dimensional illusions, to where there are no constrictions of time, space or distance.  During level II you will be given symbols and mantras which are tools to assist in raising the vibrational healing energy. You will be able to work on a deeper level within your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The major teaching of Reiki Level II is Distance Healing, that is doing Reiki for someone who is not physically present, someone you cannot put your hands on for the session.  They may be in the next room, in a different state, or even in another country.  Working with this level of healing opens up your psychic abilities and assists in your psychic growth.  Reiki Level II primarily works on emotional and mental levels, whereas Reiki Level I is wonderful for healing the physical body.


Reiki Level III – Reiki Master/Teacher – This is the level of the Reiki Teacher, and begins a new journey of knowledge and self mastery.  In this workshop you are taught how to activate the spiritual energy of Reiki within an initiate by using a sacred process and by using sacred symbols – this is called an attunement.  As a participant you will also receive further attunements to increasingly high vibrations and will be given more sacred symbols to work with.  You do not have to become a teacher once you are a Reiki Master, some people use the master level just for their own personal growth, and some may just use it to attune their family and friends.


Psychic Development – This workshop offers guidance in discovering your own psychic senses. We all have a dominant mode or combination of ways in which we receive psychic information i.e.. clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairognizence and clairsentience. In this class you will find out what your dominant mode is and then learn how to tap into it. You will also learn about pendulums and how to use them, psychometry – the art of reading the energy imprint of objects, and you will learn how to perform  psychic readings on others using angel cards, psychic tarot cards, or animal cards.


Spirit Communications – In this workshop we will also discuss your psychic senses and do a quiz to determine which ones are your strongest.  You will learn the art of Psychometry and how to tap into it.  You will also learn how your guides, angels and your deceased loved ones communicate with you, and the difference between spirits who have crossed over and ghosts or earthbound souls.  We do two meditations during the workshop to assist you in connecting with your spirit helpers, either a guide or angel.  We also do readings on each other to assist you in tuning into your own psychic abilities, and we may even connect with our partners deceased loved ones.


Price for all workshops (excluding Reiki level III) $ 200:00.

Price for Reiki level III $ 550:00.