Claircognizance is ‘clear knowing’, when you know something to be true and correct without knowing how you got that information. It is the knowing of something that may have happened in the past, present, or future, and many times you will just “know” the answer.  You may be unable to back up your knowledge with fact, or you may not know how you came to know that certain information.  Sometimes pieces of information will just randomly pop into your head and you know without a doubt it is the truth. 

Claircognizance can come in the form of predictions or premonitions, a feeling of certainty or correctness. You may have knowledge of certain places, events, situations, or people without having received the information via a traditional manner.  It may even come across as a sense of foreboding or as déjà vu.

Claircognizance is connected with your crown chakra.

Claircognizance can manifest in many ways, for example:-

* Knowing if somebody is lying to you, even though you may not have anything concrete to back up your thought.

* Knowing you need to take an alternative route to work then finding out later there had been an accident on your normal route.

* Or stuffing something into your bag and not knowing why, then needing that object later on in the day.

 * Or finishing peoples sentences for them because you just know what they were going to say.

Claircognizance can be tricky to trust, and many people feel that it is just their imagination and that they are making it all up.  Well, I’d like to say it is your imagination, but isn’t that a great way for spirit to communicate with you – by putting the information directly into you mind.  Obviously if the information you are receiving is detrimental, negative or just feels wrong, then discard it.  But, if the information is for yours or someone else’s highest good and greatest purpose, is positive and uplifting and just feels right, then go ahead – trust and enjoy.