I asked Lynne to come around to my house to do a House Clearing as we have had a male spirit in our home for quite some time.  All of the family are aware of him.  Occasionally he is ok and you just feel his presence around, but at other times he can be quite negative and very disruptive.  He also likes to scare me and my family; sometimes he would  jump out at us when we were turning the lights off at night, or he would make loud noises, especially when I had just gotten into bed, he even materialised one time as a dark mist in front of me.  My young son, who’s room seems to be the most effected, had gotten to the point where he had to change rooms as he just couldn’t sleep in his room anymore.

Lynne told me that the spirit had not realised that he was deceased and felt frustrated because we weren’t communicating with him.  She also said that he has now moved on and we shouldn’t hear from him again.

Since Lynne has done the House Clearing my home feels lighter and my son has moved back into his first bedroom, and is able to sleep at night.  We have had no more surprises and feel like our home is ours again – thank you!!!